• Tool Buyback Program

    The premiere solution for your excess and obsolete cutting tools.

Cash For Consumables

The Buyback Program purchases your excess cutting tools and consumables to put cash in your pocket or credit in your account. You free up warehouse space, reduce landfill waste, and earn extra cash to spend.

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Our Process

We make the process as simple as possible. No on-site auctions to attend, no waiting on consignment checks, no hassles to manage. With our seamless process, you’ll reduce excess waste, save storage space, and get paid for your effort and materials.


Send us a list, details, and/or photos of your inventory for us to assess. If you don’t have those, call us at 1-800-822-9524 to set up a free on-site evaluation with one of our recovery consultants.


You’ll receive a cash or a trade-in offer within 24 hours of your assessment.


Payment for your assets is delivered to you within 24 hours after accepting our offer.


We work along with your timeline to remove your excess tools quickly and safely.

Trade-In Credit Program

Exchange cash for credit and earn 30% more

Our unique solution creates additional value from your excess cutting tools by giving you a 30% higher trade-in value on your shipment.

Your trade-in credit is placed in your individual account to be used when purchasing any tools from our inventory. In addition to the 30% extra credit, our tools are priced far below standard listing prices, thus saving you more money while giving you more money to spend.

Optimize Your Return Value

Get up to 30% more value when you utilize our trade-in program.

What We Buy

Boring Tools & Accessories

Boring Heads, Boring Bars, Boring Accessories

Tool Holders

CAT40, CAT50, CAT60, BT40, BT50, HSK63, HSK100


Indexable Carbide Inserts, Solid Carbide Drills, Endmills

Machine Spare Parts

Spare parts


Rotary Tables, Chucks, Vises

Other Tooling

Facemills, Tail Stocks, Steady Rests, Collets and Collet Extensions

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Email a list, details, and/or pictures of your inventory to [email protected] to begin your free evaluation today. 

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