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    ​Simple and effective asset recovery solutions to free up space, recover costs, and increase productivity.

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    We have the solutions for your excess tooling problems.

More Space, Less Waste, More Money

 Join the growing number of organizations that are freeing up warehouse space, streamlining inventory management, and profiting from their excess waste.

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Turn Scrap Into Cash

Don't let your surplus assets be the weak link in your supply chain.

  Using valuable warehouse space to store excess tooling surplus is a waste of facility space and money. Superior Asset Recovery will pay you to clean out your shelves, free up space, and earn money for your obsolete cutting tools and machinery.

Our Place In The Supply Chain

Every link in the supply chain is critical, including recovery. We handle every step of the process and pay you while we recover, reuse, and recycle your unwanted tools.

Our Process

We make the process as simple as possible. No on-site auctions to attend, no waiting on consignment checks, no hassles to manage. With our seamless process, you’ll reduce excess waste, save storage space, and get paid for your effort and materials.


Send us a list, details, and/or photos of your inventory for us to assess. If you don’t have those, call us at 1-800-822-9524 to set up a free on-site evaluation with one of our recovery consultants.


You’ll receive a cash or a trade-in offer within 24 hours of your assessment.


Payment for your assets is delivered to you within 24 hours after accepting our offer.


We work along with your timeline to remove your excess tools quickly and safely.

Industries Served

We believe in and support US manufacturing. Our program provides services to strengthen our customers’ supply chains and meet the demands of a fast-paced, ever-changing world. Superior Asset Recovery is there to support all manufacturing industries.







Supply Chain Integrators

These are some of the supply chain integrators we work alongside that provide an annual review of

excess and obsolete inventories from your tool crib.